The Movement

Females and Finance is the direct result of accidental activism. 

In 2017, I was speaking at a conference in San Antonio, Texas with 300 souls in attendance. When I climbed on stage and stood behind the lectern, 296 of the faces staring back were men…I know that number because only four were of women. Worse yet? Not a single person of color was in the room either.

As I walked away from the podium and got into my Lyft to head to the airport, I knew things had to change – and that change needed to start with me. Trust me – I was wondering, “How could one person change a professional landscape so big?” I just need it had to start – and with no idea of where it would go, I woke up the next day and started the hard work.

The F&F movement over the years has evolved and today we are an international membership organization driven by four pillars which directly affect reversing the attrition rates when it comes to financial services growth. They include:


  • How do we recruit women?
  • What does “the ask” look like from the organization’s perspective? From the woman’s perspective?
  • Are we reaching enough women?


  • How do we train women?
  • Do financial service organizations make training available to everyone? Are women accepting the offer of training when it’s given to them?
  • Are we providing the right kind of training?


  • How do we advance women?
  • Are financial service institutions making sure (or held accountable to) the candidates being advanced within an organization include women? Are women applying themselves toward advancement opportunities?
  • Do we have sponsors in the room advocating on our behalf as women for job recommendations?


  • How do we retain women?
  • Are financial service leaders looking at the numbers with concern and making adjustments to keep women at their businesses? Are women leaving because of poor training, no mentorship within, etc.?
  • Can we be more flexible to keep women in financial services?

It’s true… we have a lot of work to do, but with the right partners our promise to the women and men who join this movement is that we will keep working on change until one day there is no need for an organization like this. Help make THAT a reality!

Sheryl Brown bw


Sheryl Brown

Founder & CEO