The Community

Females and Finance is an interactive online community comprised of both women and male allies who come together to bring conversation and candor to the four main pillars we are built on: Recruitment – Training – Advancement – Retention

Facebook – Free

Conversationally we spend most of this community time in our Facebook Group (you can request to join, but do know we vet every request). Some of you might not be Facebook fans, that’s OK.

LinkedIn – Free

We also have a LinkedIn Group which is not as active, but we do try to get information there as often as possible. You can request to join, but again – we do vet every request.

PRO Community – Paid

We have a vibrant membership offering which includes direct access to our coaching, training, and marketing deliverables. Please visit here to learn more.


We post general events and conferences in the industry-at-large on the Females and Finance Business Facebook Page. You can click here to see what’s coming up – and if you know about an event that’s missing from the list, let us know so we can add it!


We are happy to post available positions on our Females and Finance Business Facebook Page, but we do charge for listing and promoting. Please contact us to discuss.

College Students

We love working with college students. Please go here to learn more.


We love working with veterans. Please go here to learn more.


If you know an area we’ve missed or would like to introduce, let us know how we can be better!