…so we found out something, our community friends really enjoy their membership! Check out what each of these friends had to share about the Females and Finance Community:

Joanne Giardini Russell

Ann Arbor, MI — Joanne Giardini Russell of Boomer Health Group made this personal video about the time (and money) she is saving by accessing the marketing deliverables available for professionals in the PRO membership:  https://embed.vidyard.com/share/3tCP8AsHmFidntuDTc4TzY? 


Jennifer Roberts

Buffalo, NY — Jennifer Roberts of Elleverage, Inc, “If you are a female in financial services and/or financial technology, this community is a must!  The women in this group are fierce and have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone.  With new connections, comes endless opportunities to grow my RIA service firm.  The future is bright. Thank you Sheryl!”

Whitney HammondToronto, Canada — Whitney Hammond of Soverign Wealth Management shared, “Females and Finance is a professional women’s group. There are great posts, interesting articles and motivational  stories. It’s high-end and attracts women in finance. I am pleased that I was invited in. It is geared more to my level. I have been in finance for almost 25 years, owning an extremely busy and successful finance business. The information that is posted applies to my entrepreneurial world. Sheryl supports all who write in the group. She doesn’t edit or make people jump through hoops to share their successes, their businesses, or their events. For me, this is the best group on Facebook. I have connected with many ladies including meeting two ladies from Texas when I live near Toronto.  Sheryl brings us all together.”