(F)resh Start

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The Monday after a weeklong vacation is pretty….crazy. We have emails and laundry piled high. We have deadlines and dinner to make. It can get as crazy as we want it to, but…that’s our reaction to the Monday after vacation, not the actual Monday itself.

Every Day Is A Fresh Start

We can make Monday or any day of the week what we want it to be, so why not chose a fresh start? It’s like wiping the slate clean and saying, “Hello there! I’ve been waiting for you!” Proactive vs. Reactive, right?

Mondays Are Just Mini New Year’s

Another way to think of the week ahead is with celebration! Start the day out with a dance party. Need a song? Soul II Soul has JUST the beat for you with Back to Life!

Soul II Soul


Make your day magical with all your super powers. Get back to those you made promises to before you went on vacation (or from Friday if you didn’t go on vacation!). You are in charge of your day and you can make it as wonderful or awful as you want. The day is entirely up to you!

Sheryl Brown, Chief Engagement Officer – Females and Finance, LLC