SPOTLIGHT: Lucila Williams, The Intentional Advisor

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We recently reached out to Lucila A. Williams CFP®, President of The Intentional Advisor to learn more about her work in financial services.


I am a practice management consultant and business mindset coach for financial advisors.


I teach the processes I actually use in my financial planning practice. I became a consultant after being asked by several advisors to teach them how I do what I do. I reluctantly agreed to set up an OBA (Outside Business Activity) so they could pay me for consulting. The rest is history.


I love being a financial advisor and the impact we can make in the lives of our clients. However, I can only work with a 100-or-so families by myself. Through my consulting work, I can help advisors build purpose-driven, advice-based practices that will impact literally thousands of families.  It’s all about making the greatest impact.


I work with what I call Intentional Advisors; financial advisors who are looking for more meaning and purpose in their work. Many of them are fed up with the old product-based sales culture and are looking to build a business based on solid financial advice while still offering full implementation to their clients.


We, the financial services community, have an abysmal reputation. I believe we have earned it by taking more than we give on occasion. I want to change the reputation of advisors from that of salesmen/women to true professionals. I think this requires a lot more than just good PR and marketing. We must change the way we do business. We have to build advice-based client relationships and fully deliver on the promise of always putting the client’s needs first as we help them implement their plans.

You can connect with Lucila on LinkedIn by clicking here.

SPOTLIGHT: Judy Hoberman, Selling in a S.K.I.R.T.

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Judy Hoberman, Selling in a S.K.I.R.T. and Walking on the Glass Floor – Females and Finance Associate Partner

Location: Dallas, TX

We recently reached out and chatted with Judy Hoberman, President of Selling in a S.K.I.R.T. and Walking on the Glass Floor to learn more about her work in financial services:

What do you do?

I am a leadership and sales expert and I do this through speaking, executive coaching, training, writing, and being a host of a radio show. I empower professional women and engage the men who champion them.

How did you get here?

I began my “true” career in 1990 where I was the only woman in a Life/Health Insurance Company. I didn’t know anything about the industry or what I needed to be successful…other than sell. I was often told I was “such a girl”, I asked too many questions, I had to be friends with everyone, and I took too long on appointments. To me, this translated into building relationships and that is where I excelled.

I ended my formal career in the industry having three agenices and they were 50/50 male and female, which was not a number most angenices had. I was recruited into a corporate office to build and deliver all of sales/product training. This lasted two years and I realized, I was not in the right place for me, so I jumped with no parachute, into a world where I was most comfortable…entreprenuership.

Why this career path?

I asked myself what I would need if I was starting out in this profession again? If it was someone more like me, who understood what it would be like to be one of (if not the only) woman…a mentor, a coach, an advocate…a champion.

I now have the honor and privilege of working with women in the industry and can share my experiences as someone who has been there, done that and understands that it’s not easy, but it’s not hard either. It takes work, determination and being intentional in everything you do.

Who do you work with?

I work with professional women in sales and leadership. Of course, some will read this and think they either have to have sales in their title or they have to have a sales team.  I work with professional women in sales and leadership and everyone is in sales and everyone is a leader.

You are always selling yourself and you are always leading yourself.  Remember that someone is always watching what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Always show up as your best, do your best and influence others to do their best.

Where would you make changes in our profession today?

I would love for many of the leaders in the industry to understand when we talk about women and leadership, it’s not a “women’s issue”. It is a Business Issue.

I want to be able to have leaders of companies open their eyes to see the amazing talent they have in their companies…right in front of them. What I mean is that as we talk about promoting more women into leadership positions, many companies look outside their own company to see who they can recruit and bring over to theirs.

There are so many qualified women right in front of them and they are suprised when women ask why they weren’t considered for the position. They have to start to ask questions to see who that person is and what their goals are. Don’t assume you know what they want.  Simply ask. 

I also want more men to self-identify as champions and advocates of and for women so when there is an opportunity that comes up, they recommend them or open the door for them to apply. It’s really easy to do. 

SPOTLIGHT: Court Pitcher, LegacyLock

Court Pitcher - Head Shot

Court Pitcher, LegacyLock – Male Ally Network Member

Location: Centerville, UT

We recently reached out and chatted with Court Pitcher, Managing Partner of LegacyLock to learn more about his work in financial services and financial technology:

What do you do?

I empower financial professionals to offer a provent estate planning process to their clients at an affordable price.

How did you get here?

I have been proving this estate planning process for eight years now. The LegacyLock process and advanced technology used within this process makes it possible to mentor other financial service professionals to grow their practice organiccally through an easy marketing model. (And as a Females and Finance member – you can have access to this LegacyLock product. Reach out to Jenna Madjlessi for more information.)

Why this career path?

Simply put…I love helping people! I have a unique ability to quicly build trust with others, cultivate meaningful relationships, and add value to the lives of the people I serve.

Who do you work with?

I work with professionals in my community to offer the LegacyLock process to clients. I also work with financial service professionals around the country to show them how they can grow their practice through the integration of the LegacyLock process in their business.

Where would you make changes in our profession today?

(He’s still ruminating on that one! LOL!)


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