When Women Thrive,
Business Thrives.

There’s a movement going on out there. Women who work in financial services and financial technology are out there uniting and discussing ways to grow our community – but are you a part of the conversation and more importantly – are you part of the solution?

We have heard all the statistics. We know when women thrive, business thrives – so how do we translate this into real solutions for the women working in financial services today?

They come in forms of questions, such as:

“There are many organizations I want to belong to and conferences I want to attend each year to further my training and advance my career, but the costs can be quite high.”

“I know I need to market myself and my business, but I don’t have the staff, money, or time to do this in a way that’s effective.”

“How do you get so many speaking engagements each year? Where can I go to find out more information on applying to speak (or being invited to speak)?”

“Conferences are ok, but I really enjoy smaller meetings and venues so I can get to know someone better. Where can I find more of those?”

I Have The Answer. It’s Called

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