When Women Thrive,
Business Thrives.

We have heard all the statistics. We know when women thrive, business thrives – so how do we translate this into real solutions for women working in financial services today?

Many of you have come to me to discuss areas of your personal and professional lives where you need assistance. They come in forms of questions, such as:

“There are many organizations I want to belong to and conferences I want to attend each year to further my training and advance my career, but the costs can be quite high.”

I know I need to market myself and my business, but I don’t have the staff, money, or time to do this in a way that’s effective.”

“How do you get so many speaking engagements each year? Where can I go to find out more information on applying to speak (or being invited to speak)?”

“Conferences are ok, but I really enjoy smaller meetings and venues so I can get to know someone better. Where can I find more of those?”

We Have The Answer and It’s Called