SPOTLIGHT: Court Pitcher, LegacyLock

Court Pitcher - Head Shot

Court Pitcher, LegacyLock – Male Ally Network Member

Location: Centerville, UT

We recently reached out and chatted with Court Pitcher, Managing Partner of LegacyLock to learn more about his work in financial services and financial technology:

What do you do?

I empower financial professionals to offer a provent estate planning process to their clients at an affordable price.

How did you get here?

I have been proving this estate planning process for eight years now. The LegacyLock process and advanced technology used within this process makes it possible to mentor other financial service professionals to grow their practice organiccally through an easy marketing model. (And as a Females and Finance member – you can have access to this LegacyLock product. Reach out to Jenna Madjlessi for more information.)

Why this career path?

Simply put…I love helping people! I have a unique ability to quicly build trust with others, cultivate meaningful relationships, and add value to the lives of the people I serve.

Who do you work with?

I work with professionals in my community to offer the LegacyLock process to clients. I also work with financial service professionals around the country to show them how they can grow their practice through the integration of the LegacyLock process in their business.

Where would you make changes in our profession today?

(He’s still ruminating on that one! LOL!)


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